Monday, June 1, 2015

June 1, 2015

Hey Y'all!!!

So I guess to start off, yes there has been a lot of flooding in Texas, but none where we are at. We were told this week that there has been so much rain that if it all came down at once that Texas would be 8 inches under water. Not sure how true that it because Texas is huge, but for now I'll take his word for it. It's supposed to start heating up here which means my shirts will now begin to turn even more yellow than they already are. I'm sure all y'all wanted to know that.

But now for this week, we had a Baptism!! It was amazing! However, Saturday came way too fast though! We had a lot of stuff to get ready and made sure he had a great experience, and he did. On Friday we stopped by to share a short message and make sure everything was good to go. We watched the John Tanner story with him and it went awesome! He loved it. If you haven't seen it, I recommend seeing it as soon as you can. He also showed us a picture of him flushing down all his cigarettes down the toilet which was awesome! On Sunday he got confirmed a member of the church and also received the Aaronic Priestood on Sunday during the last hour. We are so lucky that we got to see his conversion to not only the Gospel but to Christ as well. He is solid! This week we are going to start teaching him the New Member lessons which go over the lessons that we taught him before. 

We are also going to be having Cierra and Erica's baptism this weekend as well. Cierra is going to be interviewed tonight and we are excited for that. Erica doesn't have to be interviewed by our district leader because she is 8 years old and she gets interviewed by the Bishop. But they are both ready to go and are excited to get baptized. We are hopefully going to get Kevin to baptize the girls which would be super awesome! 

On Wednesday we had a meeting as a mission to receive iPads. And the weird thing was that there was so many new faces in the mission! It felt like I didn't know anyone anymore. But it was good to see the missionaries that I knew before they went home next week. So this meeting, it was 4 hours long, they talked about what we are going to be doing with the iPads and what not to do with them. They also talked about how we won't be doing everything all at once, so we won't be doing Facebook or anything for awhile. But the sad thing is that I won't get the option of taking it home because I only have 7 weeks left on my mission. But hopefully my iPad 2 is still in good condition when I get home. Right mom? haha! But it should be interesting to have our Planner and everything on the iPad and not on paper. We get our iPads on Wednesday.

So Jason, the one that is less active and coming back to church, is doing awesome! He was able to come to all 3 hours of church this week and loved it. We are going to be visiting him this week again and he looks a lot happier! He has still been reading the Book of Mormon with member. This week we are going to show him the John Tanner story and also talk about the blessing of living the Word of Wisdom. 

Those are pretty much the highlights of this week. We got 50 cent corn dogs this past Tuesday. So we had to go get 16 corndogs for 8 dollars. Transfers are next week and I find out if I will finish my mission in Hurst or not. A majority of missionaries think that I will go and do a one and done somewhere else, but I sure hope not. Love yall and have a great week!

Elder O'Brien

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