Tuesday, May 26, 2015

May 26, 2015

"Happy Memorial Day"

Hey Y'all!!

This week was awesome! Holy cow! We had a freaking marriage this week! It was pretty awesome! So we had previously wanted to do a pot luck and a big chapel wedding, however, there wasn't enough time to plan and prepare. Plus it was Memorial day weekend and people were headed out of town. But it ended up going good because our Bishop interviewed them and they said that they would be happy with a low key wedding in the Bishops office. So we ended up doing that and had a couple people show up that we have had come over to help us teach. It was really small but they seemed really happy. So after the wedding, Kevin got interviewed to be baptized by our District Leader. And from what our DL said, he passes with flying colors! He is now living all the commandments and is ready to be baptized! Man, we are just so excited for him and their family! We were also able to stop by yesterday and we were able to set up his baptism program. He asked me to baptize him and Elder Jacobson to give him the Gift of the Holy Ghost! We are really excited to help him make his covenants with God! He will be baptized this Saturday evening and confirmed on Sunday!!

We have also been working with his now step daughters Cierra and Erica. They are doing great and love learning from us! We have one more lesson to teach them and then they will be ready to be baptized. They are still going to be baptized on June 6th. So the following weekend. Transfers are June 10th, so yes both me and Elder Jacobson will for sure be there. I can't remember who asked that question. Sorry! Haha!

We were also able to get a new investigator this weekend named Jason. He is a younger guy and has been taught by missionaries before in the past and has a lot of questions! We were able to answer a few of them while teaching the Plan of Salvation, but I think that it may have brought up even more questions for him. Which  is fine because asking questions is a way that we learn in the Gospel. But he doesn't have a good religious background because he wasn't brought up in a church. So a lot of the things that we teach him will be new to him, but he has a good heart and he is willing to learn. Which is a really good thing.

We were also able to see one of the less actives we are working with. His name is Jason, he is the one with the social anxiety. We were able to share a Mormon Message with him called Lifting Burdens. He loved it! He said that he felt a peace when he watched the video and that he really needed that. He is trying to quit smoking and also be able to attend all 3 hours of church by the end of June. He knows that he can do it, it all starts with doing the little things though. He has been reading the Book of Mormon with a member for the past couple weeks and they have texted back and for to each other about what they read and learned. It's pretty cool to see that kind of fellowship happening. If only that happened with every less active member. But he is doing great! He came to church on Sunday also!

Yesterday for Memorial day we went Thrift shopping and also had a extra long P Day activity at the church. We played volleyball, basketball, and scatter ball. It was really fun! That'll be the last extra long P day we have  on our mission. It was extra long because we didn't have to email. ;) Haha! Thanks for all y'alls emails and have a fantastic weeK!

Elder O'Brien

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