Tuesday, May 12, 2015

May 11, 2015

"Happy Mothers Day!"

Hey Y'all!

So we were able to have another great week! Kevin and Ragan are doing awesome! This week we were able to start teaching Ragans daughters who are 10 and 8. They are going to be baptized on June 6th together. Which should be really awesome! I'm really excited for them! Those 2 girls though are extremely smart! They knew almost everything we were teaching them and they understood everything as well. They are excited to be baptized as well! We were also able to teach Kevin a couple times this week as well and he is doing great! He is no longer drinking beer and is now focusing on quitting smoking! He really has come a long way from where he was at. We were also able to talk to them about getting married. They now have their marriage license and are planning on getting married the 23rd of this month. We are planning on having the wedding at the chapel and having the ward come support them and have a little pot luck with them afterwards. They thought that was a great idea and are all for it. This week we will be teaching Kevin about the Temple and how his baptism will help him start to prepare him to go to the Temple. We are also going to be teaching Ragans daughters a couple times this week so that they can be ready for the 6th. 

We were also able to come in contact with a couple new part member families in the ward. They seem really awesome and have some great potential. One of these families is getting ready to build a shed and Elder Jacobson was in construction before his mission and knows how to build it. So we will be able to spend some good quality time with them. The other family is less active and struggle to get to church. However, the wife isn't a member and she really enjoys church. She has some member friends and hangs out with them quite often. There is for sure a lot of potential there and we are excited to try to get to know them better. 

Other than that, we've had some freaking awesome storms down here! No tornadoes in the area yet, but we have had some watches though. The lightning down here is pretty epic to watch though. We've had a good time watching it at night right before we go to bed. But that's about it to report on. Love y'all and ahve a great week!

Elder O'Brien

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