Monday, June 8, 2015

June 8, 2015

"I Finish in Arlington"

Hey Y'all!!

Well I guess to start off I will not be finishing my mission in the Hurst 1st ward...I'll be getting transferred to the Arlington 5th ward. I was kinda bummed to not finish in an area that I know, but if that's where the Lord wants me, then I shouldn't be complaining. My new companion will be Elder Wade and I've never heard of him before. So should be an interesting transfer. I might just be able to get a tour of the Dallas Cowboy Stadium which would be super cool! My new address is 

So on to the work! We had a baptism this week! Cierra got baptized with her sister Ayrika (Erica). I found out that's how you actually spell her name. Pretty cool way of spelling it in my opinion. But the baptism service went really great. They got baptized with a bunch of other 8 year olds in the stake. How they do the stake baptisms here is they have all the children that are getting baptized do it at once and everyone meets at the church for 1 baptism service. I hope that made sense. But the whole chapel and over flow was filled with people. By far the biggest baptism I've had. I was able to baptize Ayrika and Elder Jacobson was able to baptize Cierra. We tried to have Kevin baptize the girls and it didn't work out. So we got the opportunity to do so! It was amazing! The Spirit was there and I am so grateful that I was able to be apart of them joining the church! We are going to be going over there tonight and they are making us dinner. He is cooking steak and he is an awesome cook! I'm totally stoked for it!

This week we were also able to teach a new investigator. Her name is Jen. She has been going through a hard time with a divorce and lives with her mom who is a member. Last week we had left her with a CD with Mormon Messages on it and she ended up watching a couple of them. We went over on Thursday with a member and shared another video with her and talked about the Spirit. Long story short, she felt the Spirit and we committed her to take the missionary lessons. She seemed really excited to start taking them! We, or I guess Elder Jacobson will be teaching her on Thursday this week and I'm really happy that she accepted!

Jason is doing awesome! He came to church again for all 3 hours. He actually agreed to come out with us this week on exchanges as well! We were really happy about that! He is starting to come along and hopefully now that his work is slowing down, he can quit smoking. I know he can do it and he knows that he can do it as well.

We were also able to see the Parry's this week! They are doing awesome! I love this family! She isn't a member and he is. We decided to share a video about a Stonecutter that worked on the Salt Lake Temple. Definitely felt the Spirit in that home. We had a good gospel conversation after the video as well. 

Other than that. That's about it! I'm grateful for serving in Hurst! It was an awesome area! Made some great memories here! Hope Y'all have a great week!

Elder O'Brien

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