Monday, September 8, 2014

September 8, 2014

Hey Y'all!
This week was a lot better than last week! To start off we had interviews this week. So we do interviews by districts. So our district was receiving training by our zone leaders and the other district got interviewed first. But our Zone was the 2nd zone to be interviewed. Waco North was first and they went 2 hours over! So we were supposed to start at 1 o'clock, but we started at 3 instead. And after our interviews and trainings, we got done at about 7:30. It was a long day in the church, but it was awesome though! I love President. My first couple interviews were still kinda different cause he did most of the talking. But this time it was more of a conversation than before. Mainly because I came with a lot of questions in mind about our area and other stuff. Plus he just knows exactly what we need to hear and what we need to help us become better. I couldn't have had a better mission President!
This week we were able to set a lot of appointments up. I think after interviews, both me and Elder Smith were really excited to go back to work. Which was exactly what we needed. We were starting to die and running out of motivation. So we hit the pavement running and were able to start talking with people. We were able to have all the ward missionaries come out with us this week, which is what bishop wants us to do. We didn't teach anyone but we ran into a potential that we've tried before. He is looking to be an accountant and they seem interested. It's just hard to catch them because they are both in school and working. So we are going to be setting something up for Saturday evening and taking a member that works at the hospital with one of the ward missionaries. We are really excited to start working with them. Even yesterday we set up 2 appointments for this upcoming week. So I think interviews helped out a lot and gave us the attitude we need to get this area turned around and baptizing.
We also saw a miracle happen in our ward with the Sisters this week. So they had a investigator that was saying the she will not commit to baptism for the longest time. We had dinner with her on Monday with the Sisters because they wanted to feed us. So we went and we talked about following the Prophet and started talking about what she is struggling with from what we've taught her. She doesn't believe in the Book of Mormon and we started talking about it and shared some scriptures from the Bible to help support the Book of Mormon. So we left after we shared scriptures and she called the Sisters on Wednesday and set a baptism date! It was pretty awesome the way it turned out. Now we are getting ready for a miracle like that to happen in our area. Haha!
Today for P Day we are going to be doing board games. We got a Bible Trivia game from a different church we are going to try. We also got Wackee Six (You know what that is Leah & the Mouritsen Clan). So those should be fun with all 6 of us missionaries. But that's all we will be doing today. Shout Out to my Cougars and Trojans for pulling out wins this week! Super happy about that! There was a member at church yesterday when I asked about what happened in the 3rd quarter he said, "God revealed himselft." Got a good laugh at that one. But Thanks for Y'alls emails. Love Y'all!
Elder O'Brien 

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