Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22, 2014

Hey Y'all!
So this week was pretty good! Quick story about today though! So the Spanish Elders in Waco are our ride on Monday to take us shopping and everything. Well one of them got his driving privileges taken away last week and the other one was now the designated driver. Well this morning they come to pick us up and then the Zone Leaders call and say the Elder Meyers doesn't have his privileges to drive yet either. So now none of them can drive. So guess who was left to drive, me and Elder Smith. After 14 months of much patience and endurance in the sun, I got to drive a CAR!! It felt like I won something from The Price is Right! Man I was so happy! But then we got a call from the Zone Leaders saying that Elder Smith was the assigned driver for the day until they could clear up the situation...I was pretty depressed after the call, but I had already driven for about 5 minutes, and I think that was a good enough blessing for me. :) But that's how today started out! Last P day was a pretty good one. I got my new basketball shoes which feel really nice! :) We were also able to play Wackee Six which is a really fun game! I went undefeated in winning. So it felt really nice not losing to Sister Mouritsen every time. Haha! ;) We also played Scatterball again which is always fun.
Now teaching wise for this week. We were able to finally get in contact with a lady that we met the first week that we were here and were able to share a message with her. We talked briefly about the Restoration and focused a lot of Christ because she was confused about what are beliefs were with him and how he ties in with our beliefs. So we cleared up some of the things that she has heard and questions that she has. She seemed pretty happy with the answers that we gave her. We were able to set something up for 2 weeks out to see her. She is going to San Francisco this week. We are hoping to start teaching her again. We were also able to talk to another investigator we have. He is pretty inconsistent and isn't good at keeping appointments. But we finally got to teach him. He knows that the Book of Mormon is true, he knows that Joseph Smith is a prophet, and if he were to join a church it would be ours! So solid! The only hold up right now is his wife. She is doing her Residency, or internship for being a doctor. So her only day off is Sunday and she doesn't think that spending 3 hours at church on her day off is something she wants to do. But he is pretty solid. He doesn't want to get baptized though unless his wife in down too. He believes that it needs to be a family commitment and not just by himself! Man You never hear anyone say stuff like that! He really is awesome and we just need to get the wife to be interested. We tried to give him a church tour on Saturday, but he had to drive up to Dallas. So this week we plan on doing the church tour and sharing a message with him at the church! Should be great!
We also were able to have a lesson with our Athiest investigator and our used to be member as well. The lesson was okay. We just danced in circles the whole time around how they need to ask God for answers and how they need to search for answers and not just sit there and wait for it to come. We literally talked about that for 2 hours this time, and the last time we talked with them, we talked about that same thing for 1 1/2 hours. It's ridiculous. So we don't even know what to do with them. There's only so much that we can do.
Today for P Day we are trying to get the rest of our zone to come up to play games with us, but we don't know if they will drive up. So we will probably do our usual day of games at the church. We have another dinner and a lesson with a members friend this week that we are looking forward to teaching. The members are finally getting involved with the work and it's a great feeling to have a ward behind our backs. I hope all y'all have a great week! Love you!
Elder O'Brien

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