Monday, September 15, 2014

September 15, 2014

"Week 9 in Hewitt"

Hey Y'all!
So this week was pretty good. Not as good as what we were hoping, but it was still an improvement. We had a dinner with some members on Thursday evening and he brought some friends from law school over for dinner. They were really cool guys. We were able to get to know them really well and had some good conversations going. We talked a lot about BYU, but more about their Law program than other stuff. We could tell that the member was trying to bring up how BYU has such a high standard for their students and try to turn it to the gospel, but his friends kept redirecting it to sports or something like that. We shared a good spiritual thought and tried to get them to say that they wanted to learn more, butman, they were stubborn. Haha. We talked to the member yesterday and he said even though we didn't get them to commit to anything, it was a good exposure to the church. So we gained a lot of trust with that family. Plus the food was really good! Which is always a plus.
So this week was like I said not as good as we would've hoped. We had a lot of appointments fall through this week. We've gotten better at setting up solid appointments and being able to get members to come with us. But we had a lot of things fall through this week. Where they would cancel on us like an hour before. Which is the worst ever! Because then you have to figures out what to do next. So we had a lot of those this week. But this week we got almost all those same people with appointments this week. I was talking to one of out zone leaders this week and he said just to ignore the texts if they cancel and just go over anyway. Because sometimes, they are just having a bad day and we can help up lift them. So that's what's going to happen this week.
So we had District Meeting at the church this week and it was us and the Spanish Elders that were the first ones there. So we decided to play musicin every room in the church. So we turned on all the speakers in the church and and went to the pulpit and started playing the music and as other missionaries were coming in, they heard music. It was pretty awesome! I also got to cook some cheeseburgers on a grill at a members home for dinner. I was super excited about that. They weren't my best because I was rusty, but they were still pretty good. I hope Y'all have a great week! Love y'all!
Elder O'Brien

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