Monday, March 2, 2015

March 2, 2015

"Let There Be Snow"

Hey Y'all!

Man this week was cold and snowy! But Utah wouldn't understand what snowy is this year. Haha! But we got about 2 inches on snow this week and it was really awesome to play in, but not very fun to walk around in. Our car was basically parked all week because of the ice on Monday and Tuesday, and then Snow on Friday and Saturday. So we had all these miles saved up for the last week and we ended up not using them because we didn't drive at all this week. Oh well. But we were able to have a great week even with the bad weather.

So after I emailed on Tuesday we went and got in contact with a less active part member family that is awesome! The wife was baptized about 10 years ago and the husband isn't a member. They really love the missionaries coming over and he loves us coming over and talking about the gospel. They have been attending a church in the area for the past few months and have gotten sick of it. She decided she wanted to come back to the LDS church because she felt that it was right. She ended up coming on Sunday and also got up and bore her testimony as well! She is really excited to get back and start meeting new people! We were also able to see one of the recent converts. He just got the Priesthood and he was also given his Temple Recommend to him on Sunday so he's excited about that! We are still teaching him the new member lessons and he has been able to remember everything that was taught to him before he was baptized. SO he is still progressing great in the gospel! 

Wednesday was an interesting day for us. We had the first choir practice and it was weird trying to sing parts. I signed up for Tenor and I was looking for a group that was only going to be singing melody and there was no such group. But there was a lot of missionaries there that I haven't seen in awhile and it was good to see them. We all looked at each other funny when we all were getting to the church and saying, "Really? You're in the choir?" Like jokingly. But we ended up not sounding too bad. AFter the practice we went and taught a lesson to another Recent Convert who is also on fire with the gospel. We had a lesson with her about the Restoration with a family that she loves in the ward, and the Spirit was really strong there! She is about 20 years old and is the only member in her family. The family that had the lesson with us has really taken her in and has helped her with questions, helped her reading the Book of Mormon, and now they are going to help her start Family History. So we are really excited for her as well!

Then on Saturday we were able to teach a part member family. We have been working with them to get them to come to church. She isn't a member and has been offended in the past. But she requested us to come over on Saturday and to share a message with them. They have been struggling financially and spiritually. They haven't been going to church at all and haven't read their scriptures at all either. So we talked Matt 6:33, where it talks about how we need to seek the Kingdom of God and we helped them set goals on how to accomplish that. We are going to be going over on Tuesdays and reading from the scriptures with them to help them get in the habbit of reading. We have also invited them to church a couple times so they are able to feel the spirit at church. They didn't come yesterday, but hopefully will in the future.

Tonight we are going to be seeing our investigators who had a really good experience last week with the Book of Mormon. We are going to be talking about the  Plan of Salvation with them and hopefully be able to stay on topic. That should be a challenge. Love yall and thanks for the emails!

Elder O'Brien

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