Monday, March 16, 2015

March 16, 2015

"Back to the Foot-Mobile..."

Hey Y'all!

So first of all transfers are this week and me and Elder Smith will be staying in Hurst for another 6 weeks. The really upsetting thing is that we aren't going to be having a car anymore. We are going to be on Bike and the good ole Foot-mobile. But we will make it work. This past week was pretty great for us though besides us losing our car.

So the Temple trip was a success! Joe went and he loved it! When we got to the Temple we were lucky enough to run into a member of the Quorum of the Seventy, Elder Foster, and also the Dallas mission President! They saw us and came right up to us and asked if we had a recent convert with us and we introduced Joe and they got to talk with Joe for awhile. So that was a great experience for him. We also got a couple pats on the back from Elder Foster saying that we are doing a great job and to keep it up. But after the Temple, Joe texted us and thanked us for inviting him and that he had a wonderful experience. So we were really happy about that! 

We were also able to teach 2 of our investigators, Sean and Lauren. We have been teaching them pretty consistently every Monday and we ended up teaching them on Wednesday. Lauren has really been doing great! She is almost out of 1 Nephi and is enjoying it! We have really been trying to get them to come to church though. They almost came yesterday, but had something come up and weren't able to make it. We were pretty bummed out about that because the member that comes over every time was teaching Elders Quorum and that probably would've sealed the deal for them coming each week because it was a great lesson.  But we will have to try to get them to come next week. We were also able to get a really solid referral this week named Joe. He seems really solid and he has been to church before as well. So hopefully we will be able to start teaching him and be able to get him coming to church again. It's amazing what a difference it makes when people come to church. They seem so much more happier when we come back over. There's a reason why it's a commandment to Keep the Sabbath Day Holy and come worship at church. 

This week we are going to be trying our best to bike to all the people that we usually see. It's going to be different planning because it'll take longer to get to people, but we will make it happen. Today is our last P day as a zone and we are hopefully going to be playing some games. Love yall! Sorry this one seems short, but those were the key things that happened this week. Have a blessed week!

Elder O'Brien

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