Monday, March 9, 2015

March 9, 2015

"Temple Trip Prep!"

Hey Y'all!

This week was full of snow, rain, and ice again! It's been crazy! We don't know what to expect anymore when we wake up. It snowed like 3 inches from Tuesday night to Wednesday and then it was nice and sunny for the rest of the day, which melted the snow. And then it iced over that night. Texas can't make up it's mind on what to do anymore.

So we can now use first names in our emails and that is going to make life a lot easier to email who we are working it. So the guy who received the Priesthood not too long ago is Joe and we were able to visit with him this week. We finished teaching him the commandments and making sure that he is living them. He is doing his best with living the Word of Wisdom but has slipped a couple times. I never taught him before he was baptized, but from what Elder Smith has said, he used to smoke a lot every day.  So he is trying to get out of that habit. But he is still going to be able to go to the Temple though and is really excited about it as well. 

The other Recent Convert is Christie. She has had her Temple recommend for awhile and is really excited to go. We hope and pray she will be feeling up for it. She has a bad immune disease that causes her to be sick randomly. So we hope that she feels good on Thursday. But she has been doing family history with some members and will hopefully have some names to bring to the Temple. She has been wanting to do that for awhile so we will be really sad if she misses. Another Recent convert that we are working with is Sandy. She got baptized in August and has been on FIRE with the gospel! She is so excited to go back to the Temple and do baptisms. She has done them before and is looking forward to going again. 

So this past week we were working with those people and making sure they are going to be going to the Temple trip on Thursday. This week we are going to be meeting with some members who want to introduce us to their friends. We are really excited to meet them and hopefully start working with them. We are going to be doing Scatterball today for P Day, which is like a free for all dodgeball game. Should be some good fun! 

Love yall and have a great week!

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