Tuesday, February 24, 2015

February 24, 2015

"19 Months Already..."

Hey Y'all!

So how about the ice storm huh? For sure wasn't as bad as last year, but it was bad enough to cause everything to shut down pretty much. Yes we were grounded for the whole day. So for 8 hours we were to prepare for the week as much as we could since we couldn't shop. So we are doing the shopping and emailing today. But for those that are coming to Texas this week, I've heard that it's supposed to be cold and snowy tomorrow. We've probably gotten more snow here in Hurst then Utah has this year. ;) Haha! Not to brag or anything. But all is well here in Hurst!

So this week was a great week! Well I guess we will start off Wednesday. We were able to go over to one of our Recent Converts house and share one of the church videos call Special Witnesses of Christ. It was perfect for her! She said that she has a couple friends that need to watch it with her. Not to join the church, but to know who Christ is. It really is a great video to watch and she really needed it. Her husband isn't a member and is not interested at all to join. He makes it really hard for her to go to church and everything. But she really is awesome! after that we went to dinner with another Part-Member family. They are really cool and love having the missionaries coming over. The wife is not a member, but she knows a lot about the church. She does have a couple things that she doesn't agree with and she had a couple bad experiences with church and humans making mistakes. But they took us out to eat and we shared a scripture with them and cross-referenced it over to the Book of Mormon. She enjoyed it and we had a good discussion about it afterwards. We are hopefully going to be going over this week and do some yard work later on this week when the weather gets warmer.

We were also able to go our to dinner with some members from the Tongan wards this week! It was really great to see them again. We actually got in contact with one of them a couple weeks ago at Anas Island Grill. We went to an Italian place called Cafe Sicilia and oh man! Olive Garden does not contend with this place. It was so good! It was pretty dang great! We set up another day to do a burrito challenge in March. We have to get a crew of 5 guys and eat a 11 pound burrito in 5 minutes. Challenge accepted! So we are looking forward to that in the future!

And then yesterday we had a really great lesson with a family we are teaching. We had a pretty great break through with the Book of Mormon. We went into the lesson not knowing what we were going to do because they weren't progressing, so we decided to just go by what we feel when we get in there. So we got there and we found out that the wife had read, but he hadn't. So we decided to read a chapter with him out of the Book of Mormon and it was totally inspired because we read 1 Nephi 8 which talks about Lehi's dream and the husband loved it! He usually likes to talk a lot and he loved it so much that he was left speechless! It was really cool because he has decided to come to church now because of that. He has pretty much never attended church before in his life so this will be a new, but good experience for him. 

So our mission has started a Mission Choir and the person who is putting this together didn't want the Choir to be better than the Mormon Tabernacle Choir so they decided to have me and my companion be a part of it just to make sure it didn't sound perfect. Haha! But in all seriousness yes me and my companion are in the choir and we have our first practice tomorrow so that should be interesting. It will be my 2nd choir that I'll participate in. The Black Choir was the first back in January. But other than that, we should be having a great week. We have a couple referrals that we are going to be contacting this week and they seem pretty solid from what we've heard. Thanks again for all yalls emails!

Elder O'Brien

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