Monday, March 31, 2014

March 31, 2014


So this week was a different week for us. Well it was for a couple days actually. So on Tuesday night, we visited this family that is less active and shared a message about being obedient to the commandments, and as you do that, you are blessed. It went really well. They then took us to McDonald's to get us some food at 9 o'clock at night because we looked hungry. Haha! So me and Ramsey both got Big Macs and they tasted very good. Well that night, Elder Ramsey's stomach decided that he needed to taste the Big Mac again. Infact, he probably tasted it like 15 times. If you don't know what I'm talking about, he threw up 15 times that night and into the next day. So we didn't go out that day. While he was dying in bed, I was listening to John Bytheway, playing Solitaire, and watching some Hispanic guys lay sod all day. So it was quite the day. He is feeling better though. 

We went out on Thursday, but he still wasn't eating normal at all. We went to Kafoa's house to eat. So if y'all remember Kafoa, he was the one that had the Mamma Mia music playing and left us with all the food? Well he didn't have the music playing, but he made the same amount of food for us this time. Elder Ramsey looked at me after one piece of chicken and said he didn't feel good. So that left me, myself, and I to Which I didn't do. But I gave it my very best and ate like 11 pieces of chicken including the Potato Salad. So that was a lot of food.

We had a member referral given to us this week too. We went over to their house and taught their cousin. It's the Tuipulotu's. So we teach and she was really quiet. She loved the Restoration and was really excited to learn more! Yesterday, we found out that her dad told her to come back to Hawaii because he found out that we were teaching her. So that was a bummer. But we had a great lesson with her though. 

We are also teaching the Kenyan family now. There are 3 girls and we haven't been able to have the dad sit in yet. We have taught them the Restoration and the Plan of Salvation. They really like the lessons and they are reading the Book of Mormon too! So it's going really well with them. Probably the only hold up with them would be that it's a Tongan ward, and the dad might be a problem too. Hopefully everything works out. They are awesome!

Other than all that. We did a lot of walking this week. We are trying to get the members more involved with missionary work. There is a huge push right now in the wards and we are really excited to keep the work going. Thanks for all y'alls emails this week! Love you all!

Elder O'Brien

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