Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17, 2014

"Mama Mia"


Big event for this upcoming week, Fini's baptism! We were able to plan it out on Saturday while in a Japanese restaurant. It was some pretty good food I have to say. Quick side story though! So we were sitting down eating our food, and we took a glance at the TV. Okay we were watching the TV and eating at the same time. They were talking about that huge plane missing. Well the owner of the place went to go change the channel. You wouldn't believe what he turned on.....the byutv channel! Haha! We started laughing so hard! We got to watch the first inning of the BYU vs. San Diego baseball game at a Japanese restaurant. It was pretty funny! But back to planning for the baptism, Elder Ramsey is going to be baptizing her and I'm going to be confirming her and giving her the Holy Ghost. She is really excited for Friday and is more prepared for this week than a couple weeks ago. It was awesome!

So these past two transfers have been full of pranks. So the Euless 1st Elders live right down the road from us. And we know how to pick locks. So we have been pranking each other back and forth for the past couple months. They labeled everything in our house with Sticky notes, we got them back by blowing up 250 balloons and putting them all over the apartment. They then got us back by plastic wrapping up everything in our apartment, we then fought back by toilet papering their whole apartment. They then 2 nights ago switched our whole rooms. So our bedroom was in the living room and our living room was in the bedroom. We are now trying to figure out what to do next. Ideas would be nice from those who cause trouble like this. (Sean and Casey, not to point fingers.)

We also had an interesting Thursday night. So we went to a less actives house, his name is Kafoa. Every other week he feeds us. So this week we walk up to his house and we hear the Mama Mia soundtrack playing as we walk up to the appartment complex. We find out the he has his huge speakers playing the music, he is BBQing chicken, ribs and sausage for us, he has like 4 friends over, all wasted by the way, and they are just all jamming out and having a good time. So we go in and sit down and he brings in 3 plates stacked of food and a pot with even more food. He then tells us that all of the food is for us and that he was leaving to go to the club with his friends. So he turned on the TV and left with his friends to the club. So there we were, an hour away from out appartment, with all this food, and we were supposed to eat it all. Thankfully, his son came home and took us back to our apartment. But like we couldn't just leave with his house unlocked though ya know? So that was interesting.

What also made this week interesting was that we got our keys stolen. We accidentally left them in the lock to our door and someone walked off with them. So hopefully we keep all of our stuff within the next few weeks. That was really all the big stuff that happened this week. 3rd ward was at camp all week because of spring break so we did a lot of walking trying to find people to talk to and teach. We were able to find some new investigators this week so hopefully we will get to teach them again. But thanks for the emails! Love you all!

Elder O'Brien

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