Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10, 2014

"From watching a movie, to going to the Temple"


So this week was interesting, but a great week of course! So to start off the week, it was transfers. So we had to go stay with Elder Atchinson, who is our district leader. He was getting a new companion and he couldn't be alone. So we headed down to his apartment Wednesday morning and watched a movie for an hour and a half. We watched the 2nd Hunger Games. It was really good! I especially like the part when....I'm just kidding. We watched the Joseph Smith movie. 

So Fini was not baptized this weekend. She got the okay on her interview to do it. But, she doesn't feel ready and the people that she wants there were out of town. So we talked about when would be a good day for her, and we ended up talking about the 21st of March. We told her that she needed to go pray about it. That was on TuesdayOn Thursday night, we called her to make sure  we were still good for our Friday appointment. Elder Ramsey was talking and she hadn't gotten an answer yet. So we told her to say a prayer and open up anywhere in the Book of Mormon and to start reading. We told here that she would find her answer by doing that. The best part about that, she did! We ended up talking about the chapter she read and it talked about how that chapter felt like it was talking about her and her inactive Sister. So she felt like that was a good day for her to be baptized. It was really cool!

On Saturday, we were able to go to the Temple! It was awesome! The whole thing is made out of marble. It was so beautiful! We got to go because Paul, who comes out with us a lot, was going through for the first time. He was really excited for it and we were really happy for him too. After the Temple we got to go eat with some less actives. We went to this old fashioned breakfast place. It reminded me of Granny Annies back at home. I ordered some big food! And I surprised the family when I ate the whole thing. It was probably close to 3 pounds of food on my plate. It was so much! But it was really good!

This was a really slow week. It seems like the first week of the transfer always is. This week 3rd ward has ward camp and everyone is trying to get us to go. It's really tempting but President Ames said no. Haha! Go figure. Thanks for all the emails this week! I really do appreciate them! I love y'all! have a fantastic week!

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