Monday, April 7, 2014

April 7, 2014


So this past weekend was awesome! General Conference is always so inspiring! We got to watch the Saturday session of conference at the Euless building. There was a total of 2 people there. Me and Elder Ramsey. Haha! So there really was no distractions at all. However, we thought that we had to go to the Stake Center to watch the Priesthood session. It was a half hour away and we only had a ride there. So we were banking on a Tongan to be there to give us a ride home. We soon realized that we could of just watched it back at the church building not even a 5 minute walk from out apartment. Oh well, we did get a ride back though which was good. On Sunday, a family told us to have all the missionaries to go to the Stake Center so that in between sessions they can feed all the missionaries. Us and 3 sets of sisters were the only missionaries to show up....So we had to eat a lot of food. Haha! We ended up eating a lot and had some fun telling about how we have seen more food than that for just us two. Got to love the Tongans.

So there has been a new rule established by President Ames, that we are not allowed to put the names of who we are teaching in our emails anymore.... Yeah not fun for any of us. I guess that President doesn't want the mission or the church to be sued for talking about people behind their backs and telling y'all about what they are going through. Which is good, but it's going to be hard to let y'all know about names. So bear with me! This week we had this guy cancel on us twice. He is the guy that had his wife go through the temple already. We have been trying to meet with him and see what problems he has with the church. It seems like he is interested but at the same time, he keeps canceling on us. So we don't know what's going on.

We are still teaching the Kenyan family, the 15 year old girl that called us to come teach her. We are hoping to get them to church this Sunday and be able to set a baptism date with maybe her and her mom. She reads everything that we give her and she listens to us too! It's hard for adults to do that stuff with us. Haha!

This week it was really stormy though. I guess in some parts of the mission there was reports of golfball to baseball size hail falling. We only got like 5 minutes of rain where we were at. We were kinda bummed because we wanted to see it hail and rain. But it was good we didn't get caught up in it at the same time though. One of our less actives had the weather on when we came to his house and we watched all these crazy videos of hail and lightning. They had like all these tornado warnings all over the DFW area too. So that was pretty crazy.

Other than that, we just ate a lot of food. We have transfers coming up next week. Elder Ramsey is probably leaving since he has been here for awhile. We had a lot of appointments cancel this week, but this week we know will be better. I love you guys! Thanks for all the emails! Have a blessed week!

Elder O'Brien

p.s. Go UCONN!!!

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