Monday, April 21, 2014

April 21, 2014

"New Strategy's and Welcome to Euless"


So quick thing, I am not training. Elder Fifita is just a new missionary to the area. Some people were saying congrats, but he has been out for 20 months. So he is getting ready to 'die'. Haha! But I'm just going out saying right now that it's going to be one fun transfer. Haha! He is pretty short and is from Aurora, Colorado. It's pretty close to Parker where we used to live. So I tried telling him like where I lived, but he didn't know. But from the first day, everyone that we have talked to knows who his dad is. Because almost all Tongans know other Tongans. So this is usually how the into's would go:

Me: "Hey this is Elder Fifita. He just got here from Arlington." 
The member: "Oh. Fifita? Sione's son?"
Elder Fifita: "Yup that's my dad."
The member: "Oh my goodnesss ( and then they would keep talking)"

It has been actually pretty funny. But the members are really excited to have a Tongan Elder in the ward and we have been offered SOO much food! We haven't missed a day of ice cream since he has been here. Which is not good because as missionaries, we have this program call 6 Months to Sexy. So the last 6 months, we use the exercise in the morning as best as we can. Haha! Elder Fifita is doing that right now and it's not going to good for him due to all the food. Haha!

So for this transfer, we are going to be doing stuff differently than what me and Elder Ramsey did. We are going to be going on a lot more exchanges and we are going to be teaching a lot more members. We are also doing youth lessons where we come over and teach the kids in the homes. I've found that those lessons are usually the best ones we have. We actually taught one this past week and for next weeks lesson, the wanted to bring a friend who is less active to come over and listen. So we are really excited about that. 

Fini is doing awesome! We are having her teach us the lessons that we taught her and she seems really excited to study about them too. We were talking to her at church yesterday and we found out that she just got a new calling. She is going to be in the Young Womens! She seemed nervous but we told her that that's one of the best callings someone could have. Plus the youth here are awesome!

So one last quick story. So we were walking to a house on Saturday to go see a less active family. They weren't home, but that's not the important part. So we were walking up to the house and Elder Fifita got a welcome to Euless surprise from a bird. Yup you guessed it. He got bird poop all over his shirt and pants. Haha! Poor guy. We started laughing! I felt bad that he got welcomed in like that though. It was pretty funny. Other than Fini, we had a really slow week. We are trying to contact past investigators because the ones we have, aren't doing anything right now. So hopefully the members thing will work. I love you guys so much! Thanks for the emails! I'll talk to y'all next week!

Elder O'Brien

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