Monday, August 4, 2014

August 4, 2014

Hey Y'all!!

This week was pretty normal. Haha! Nothing really to exciting happened this week. We were able to had lunch with an Atheist and his friend though. He is pretty cool, but he does a lot of questioning. He says that he wants to find the truth like a lot of people, but he just questions everything. He wants proof of everything, like everything. Sorry we can't just go up and ask for the Gold Plates right? Haha. But we tried to answer his questions as soon as he asked them, but he just kept talking and asking questions. We probably said about 20 words in an hour and a half. He had us write down like 10 questions to have answers for next time and one of them was about prayer. And for the other 9 questions, they could all be answered if he understands the power of prayer. He is a really cool guy, but he is just needs to stop asking why questions and asking if this is true questions. It would really make a difference in his life.

So for these past few weeks, we have been passing this little Catholic statue back and for the between us and the Sisters. So it started out where we put it on their front porch and then they did the same thing and put it on ours. So we didn't want it so we then put it in the back of their trunk after District Meeting a couple weeks ago. They then returned it by having Elder Wilcox, one of our Zone Leaders, put it in our fridge when we went on our exchange. Well we then during exercises one morning they walked by it while it was staring at them. Haha! So then this past week we had District Meeting and it was a set up by the Sisters and our District Leader. They did a Christmas themed meeting and he had everyone bring a White Elephant. So we brought ours and they stupid statue was given to me by him and then we had that thing back. But little did they know, that we knew who their dinner was that night and we ran over to their dinners house and had them set it on the dinner table so when they walk in they would see it. And they were supposedly shocked when they walked in and saw it. Haha so now we are waiting what they are going to do to give it back to us. It's not as epic as Euless where we were breaking into each others apartments, but we always got to pull pranks on other missionaries right? 

Other than that, it was a pretty slow week. We've been trying so hard to find people to teach, but nothing seems to be working out. We have our first real solid teaching appointment on Tuesday and we are praying super hard for that to happen and not fall through. It's a family of 4 and they are really awesome people that could benefit from the Gospel. We are also going on an exchange with our District Leader and I am also hoping to get new shoes today as well! Thanks for the emails this week and I hope that I get to talk about this family next week as well! Love Y'all!


Elder O'Brien  

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