Monday, August 18, 2014

August 18, 2014

Hey Y'all!
So chiggers suck. It's like mosquito bites that itch, but like 5 times worse. Yesterday it rained a lot and they all came out and I got home and they are all over my left foot. So it makes it hard to sleep at night especially when it's just bugging you all night. But it's all right. It's these kind of experiences where I learn how to suck it up. Haha
Oh man this week was awesome! We finally had our first sit down lesson with an investigator. She is a neighbor of a member in the ward and she has had a lot of hard times in her life. I think what really has knocked her down was when her son died 5 years ago and 2 weeks after he died, she was told by a pastor that because her son wasn't baptized that he was sent straight to Hell. Why would anyone say that to someone who just lost her son? I don't even know. So we taught her the Plan of Salvation on Monday and it answered a lot of her questions. We focused a lot on the Spirit World and what would be happening there and also what happens after the Spirit World. You could tell that just that lesson brought her some peace and she felt better. She even told us about an experience where her son appeared to her in a dream and told her that she needed to be on the earth a little bit longer so she can understand and learn So we thought that was a pretty cool experience that she had. We were also able to teach her on Saturday and we shared the Restoration with her and that lesson was pretty scattered. She had a lot of questions and we were trying to answer them all, but the member wasn't helping too much because he kept trying to answer them and it was going away from the lesson. The lesson on Monday took 3 hours and the lesson on Saturday took 2 hours. Haha! Those have been some of the longest lessons on my mission, but then again they have been some of the best because she is so interested in learning. We are going to try to see her again twice this week and keep that constant contact with her.
This week is transfer week by the way. Both me and Elder Smith are going to be staying in Hewitt. However, we are the only missionaries in our zone that aren't affected by transfers. We are going to be basically having a whole new zone because everyone is going to be getting a new companion. It's going to be a crazy transfer trying to get to know everyone again. I also attempted to eat a 1 pound burger this week at Fuddruckers, but it didn't end too well for me. I only got 3/4's of the way done with it, but the same guy signed up for dinner in a couple weeks and I'm going to get that burger next time! Love y'all so much and thanks for the emails this week!
Elder O'Brien

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