Monday, August 11, 2014

August 11, 2014

"Nothing Much Really"

Hey Y'all!
Man, this week was too hot! However, my farmer tan lines are coming in prime now. Haha! But that awkward moment when one arm is more tan than the other arm though...yeah no bueno. Not much really happened this week. It was a slower week than usual. We were able to have 3 members come out this week. And we literally knocked on 15 doors each exchange with people to go see. But no luck. So that was pretty hard. We were actually with one of them and the member leaned over and looked at our planner and asked how many names we had written down. We wrote down like 20 each time. Haha! That's one thing that I learned when I was getting trained that you can never write down too many names for an exchange because you could have a night where no one answers just like all week. We did help someone move though on an exchange with our District Leader, and the members had the heaviest furniture ever! The couches were the worst part though! We had to carry them down out of a trailer home and down 11 wood stairs and the walkway only had room for 1 person at a time too. So it was miserable.
Well we had an appointment with that one family this past Tuesday and they cancelled on us. They rescheduled for this Wednesday along with another potential investigator. That's looking like a really promising day for us as well. We were also notified this week that we have a general authority coming down in October for our mission. This is really awesome because we might just be getting iPads. President Ames said that we were supposed to be getting them this year, so October might just be the month! I hope it's a treat and not a trick. Haha! Too early for those kind of jokes though.
Sorry for the short email this week. We really did not have too much luck for us. We taught 1 lesson and it was5 minutes on the street. Hewitt was not nice to us this past week, but it's looking good for us this upcoming week. Plus it's raining outside right now and that's always a blessing in Texas! Love you all and have a fantastic week!
Elder O'Brien

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