Monday, July 13, 2015

July 13, 2015

Hey Y'all!

So yes this is my second to last letter that I will be writing to
you... It still hasn't hit me yet though. Which I'm grateful that it
hasn't. This week was a pretty good week though. We had a lot of good
things happen. We were also able to follow up with some of our
investigators also! So on Monday night we saw Jay Taylor. He is doing
really good. We share to talk to Thomas S. Monson gave about how
obedience brings blessings. We then proceeded to talk about the word
of wisdom. He seemed pretty nervous about giving up on me, because he
has been drinking tea his whole life. So we told him that he is able
to do it. I shared some experiences that I had about how people gave
up things to live the commandment. He said that he will be willing to
try. He has been reading the book of Mormon and praying every day
since we told him that he needed to a couple weeks ago. He said that
he has noticed a difference in his attitude and everything already! So
he is starting to progress.

This week we were also able to follow up with a lesson that week
taught on the street to a kid named Travis. He is super cool and is
really open to learning about our church. We taught him the
Restoration and we were talking about he Godhead and he said that be
believed that they are all one person. We told him what we believed.
We then started to talk about Joseph Smith and the first vision and
how God and Jesus Christ appeared to him. Once we mention that showed
in the picture in the pamphlet, he lit up! He was like, "So they are
separate huh?" And we were like yes they are. It was pretty cool to
see how he understood that doctrine really fast. I freaking love
people that learn and understand things like that so fast! we invited
him to church on Sunday, but he had a basketball tournament and he
wasn't able to make it. However, we may have to send them to the young
single adult ward because he is 18 years old. So that would be the
best word for him.  But he is super solid!

This week we were also able to find a guy named Marvin. He was a
pretty cool guy that was sitting outside his garage one night. We went
up and talked to him for a little bit but he said that he didn't want
to talk right now because he was drunk. So we told him that we would
come back the next day. So we came back the next night and they only
had a couple minutes to talk. So we shared a scripture out of the book
of Mormon and talked about what the book of Mormon was and where it
came from. He said that would be something he would be interested in
reading. He said we could stop by this past weekend, but when we tried
him, he wasn't home, so we are going to try to stop by this week
sometime. We also talked to this other guy named Mr. Moore this week.
He was visiting his friend in our area and we contacted him outside.
He was drunk too, but he was more sober than my Marvan. So we talked
with him about the book of Mormon and why we have it and why it's
another Testament of Jesus Christ. He was really open to reading it
and said we could stop by but he didn't want to give us his address...
So he probably didn't want us to come by then. Haha!

Me and Elder Wade are doing better. He has come a long way since we
the beginning of June. He told me this morning that I'm only his 2nd
companion that has forced him to talk. And he said that he has felt
more comfortable now because he has been talking to people. He still
has a long way to go, but he is definitely improving. Today for P Day,
we are going to a park to play volleyball and whiffle ball! So that
should be fun! It's something different than basketball. This week
it's  supposed to be 100 degrees all week. God wants to make sure that
I always remember the Texas summers. And I will. Haha! Hope y'all have
a great week!

Elder O'Brien

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