Tuesday, April 7, 2015

March 6, 2015

"Easter Weekend"

Hey Y'all!

Happy Easter!! So this week was great! We were able to watch General Conference this weekend with some of the coolest members in the ward! I think my favorite talks were the ones given in the Priesthood session. All the talks were great though! Next time I watch conference will be weird because I'll be home. Never thought that I would be thinking about that. Haha!

So for the past few weeks we've been able to do service at an animal shelter here in North Richland Hills and it's been way fun! It's probably been some of the funnest service I've done. The people there are way nice and they love us coming over to help. But they've been moving into their new building this past week and it'll be nice to do service at a brand new building that doesn't smell like animals. At least for now. Haha! But I bring this up because it's been really cool how at the beginning, no one was really open to talk to us except the member who worked there. And now every one talks with us and is asking questions about what we are doing, why we are doing missionary work. It's really cool how people can open up once you get to know them. So we have been able to see a lot little things end up being great success. That's what President Ames is trying to accomplish by having the mission do a lot of service in our mission. 

This week we also had our choir performance for Easter. It ended up having a really good turn out and I was also able to see some families from my last area which was really awesome! I also saw the missionary that I trained, but he didn't even want to say hi. So who knows what his deal is. Hopefully he'll snap out of whatever phase he's in. But we were able to sing 7 songs and also we had our Mission President speak to the group that came. It ended up being a really great experience. We were also able to attend a Easter Morning fireside held by Glenn Beck. He is a polition that used to be on Fox News and now he has his own Radio Station down here in Texas. But he is a member of the church and he gave a really great talk at this devotional. He talked about how the word Miracle has 3 definitions, Experience it, a Test, and then a Banner. He talked about how Miracles are there for us to have and experience and they are to test us on whether we realize they are from God or not, and it's up to us to get the word out. He then tied it into the Resurrection of Christ and how Mary Magdalene was a perfect example of that. It was pretty cool to hear him talk.

Other than that, nothing else happened that's worth talking about. We have had a couple slow weeks and we are hoping to turn that around. We have Zone Conference this week so that'll give us some more things to help us find people to teach. We are also going on exchanges with our Zone Leaders this week so that should be interesting. Other than that, I hope all yall have a great week! And thanks again for the emails! 

Elder O'Brien

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