Tuesday, April 14, 2015

April 13, 2015

"Another Good Week"

Hey Y'all!

This week was another good week! I don't recall too many weeks on my mission that are bad. But a lot of good things were able to happen this week. To start off we were able to get 7 referrals this week! That's the most I've ever gotten in one week on my mission. Even down in Killeen we didn't get that many. But we tried to contact all of them this week. We were able to get in contact with this lady named Deborah. She grew up Catholic but is going to a methodist church right now. She is doing a massive study about all the religions in the world because she wants to. But she's pretty crazy. She referred us because she wanted the King James Bible....even though she had like 3 in her house. But we ended up trying to share the Restoration and she just wanted to ask us all these questions about our beliefs and what differs us from the Catholic church. Our conversations were all over the place. She wants us to come back this week so we will see what happens. But what we did learn is that you shouldn't drive over 50 mph because if you do, St. Christopher will jump out of your car and you won't be protected anymore until you slow back down to 50. Just a heads up for those who have cars. Haha!

This week we were also able to have Zone Conference and it was really good! We talked a lot about teaching and how to become master teachers. President also talked about how we need to be purpose driven in all that we do. We also had a role play where we were out investigators and another companionship had to teach to our concern. One of our investigators concern is that she keeps finding excuses to not come to church. And one of the missionaries that was teaching us lost it and starting teaching us Boldly and with not love at all. It sounds like it was a bad thing on the email, but it was honestly one of the funniest moments of my mission because he just went off for like 3 minutes, sharing like 3 scriptures on how you aren't following Christ when you don't come to church. It was completely wrong what he did, but it was super funny. So from the role play, we learned how to not invite someone to come to church. haha! But Zone Conference was great!

Other than that, we were able to do service this week with a couple memebrs and help them out in the yard. This week we are going to be playing basketball again and it should be fun as usual for p day! A member is taking us out to lunch named Sister O'Brien! I don't think we are related, but it was pretty cool to see someone with the same last name as me! Hope yall have a great week! Thanks again for the emails.!

Elder O'Brien

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