Monday, December 1, 2014

December 1, 2014


Hey Y'all!

So almost all your emails said something along the lines of wow, we had so much food. But really, I have a hard time believing that you had more food that I did on Thanksgiving. We started off by going to the Elders Quorum Presidents house and we ended up eating with just their kids while the parents were trying to call a doctors office to see if they were open. Their kid was breathing weird and wanted to take him in. We felt so guilty eating while they were trying to find a place open. The kid ended up being okay and is doing better as well. So we were able to get away with not eating as much which I know saved me for the rest of our dinners. The next house we went to was a less actives house and they made even more food that the first house we went to. So we were able to eat a lot of it thought because we got away with eating not very much at the first house. I had a lot of stuffing because they made really good stuffing! It was pretty great! We ended up talking with them for awhile after and they we ended up leaving with only an hour left before we had to go home. So we could only go to 1 of our other 2 dinners left. So we decided which one to go to and it ended up being a really good choice. The family we went to was already done eating, but still wanted us to grab some food anyway. So we grab it and by that point, I'm so sick of food by then, but I still try to eat a little bit. But while we were sitting down, one of the family members that was in town for Thanksgiving started asking all sorts of questions about what we do and also questions about our church. We ended up talking for about and hour about what we do and what we go around and share. She was really interested and wanted to learn more. So what we did is we gave her a card and website to where she can request missionaries. We also gave her a pamphlet on the Restoration and invited her to read more. We were really happy that we decided to go to that house because she really could be baptized. After that we then headed home and we both felt like we were going to pop because we were so full. But it was for sure a successful Thanksgiving this year.

Now for the rest of the week. We are going to be having 2 baptism this weekend. Both of the 9 year old's we are teaching are ready to be baptized. We have taught them everything and they are ready to go. They are going to be interviewed this week as well. Saturday is going to be a really busy day for us. We have those 2 baptisms and we also have the ward Christmas breakfast in the morning. So we are going to be running around like crazy on Saturday. But it will all be worth it though!

We also were able to find a really awesome new investigator this week as well. We had our Ward Mission Leader come out with us yesterday when we found him. We got a referral from some other missionaries and told us to go see him, he is 16 years old. So we went there last night and our Ward Mission Leader ended up knowing this guy, his son plays baseball with him. So that was really cool. We ended up talking about the Book of Mormon and why it's important to us. He was really excited to start reading it and also wants us to start seeing him a couple times a week. But we thought that was really cool how they knew each other. 

Today we are going to be going bowling with the other Elders in our District. Last week we went to that museum and it ended up being a fail because it was directed more to the kids instead of the adults. So we felt really out of place. But oh well. I can't believe it's already December though. It's going by way too fast. Love you all and thanks for the emails this week!

Elder O'Brien

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