Monday, November 17, 2014

November 17, 2014

"Don't have a Subject For This Week. Haha!"

Hey Y'all!

So this week was the first week of the transfer and it was a typical week one. Holy cow was it a cold one as well. it was low 40's and upper 30's throughout the day, but with the wind chill that was going on, it felt like the 20's. I was also told that I'll be the designated driver for this transfer, and let me just say I was a little bit rusty. But I got better as the day went on, which is good. We are pretty low on miles already for the month so we took 2 bike days this week and they were really cold days too. I had the whole winter gear on too. But I'd rather be cold than sweating all day long. 

So this week we had some appointments drop through but that's all right. We weren't able to see our investigator with a baptism date for the 13th this week. That one wasn't too good because we really can only see her once a week and she needs to come to church almost every week now and we need to teach all the lessons and make sure she has quit smoking before too. We are seeing her this Thursday and we are going to try to see her on Saturday or Sunday as well this week. We gave her cousin, who is a member and was at church last week the video of the Restoration and from what she said was she loved it and was excited for us to come over again. We are just trying to get in her house so we can teach her. We were also able to teach our other investigator who is 9 and has a baptismal date for the 6th. We taught him the Plan of Salvation and it was pretty hard because he wants to get baptized, but doesn't want to listen to the missionaries. So he just looked bored the whole time and wasn't wanting to participate in the lesson. His parents said that the would go over it with him again because we gave him a drawing with the whole Plan on it and they will go over it again. 

This week we were able to meet with another part-member family. The mom is less active and we are teaching her daughter. We were able to teach her the Restoration this week and also able to teach the Plan of Salvation later in the week. She is doing awesome! She is now reading the Book of Mormon and has been to church now 2 weeks in a row. Everyone has been excited that she is now coming back to church and that her daughter is going to be baptized. The only thing is that we are going to be setting a baptism date this week and she might be getting baptized in San Diego. Her uncle lives there and she wants her uncle to baptize and confirm her. However, we don't think he will be able to make it out here to Texas. So we talked to President and he said that she will be able to be baptized out there, we would just have to coordinate with the bishop out there. So we should know more details about that by next week. As long as she is able to be baptized, we'll be happy. We are having dinner and a lesson this week with them and we are going to try to see them at least one more time this week as well. We are also working on another family right now and helping them get to the Temple. We having been doing a bunch of service over there helping them get their house in order and they really are the coolest family ever! The husband really isn't doing good health wise and we are trying to help him get the Priesthood and to get back to church. We are looking at a July date with them and are helping them work towards that date.

Also, and update on the iPads, we were supposed to get them by the end of next this year, but we are now not going to be getting them until the beginning of next year. So at this rate, we may never get them. Haha! But that's all the really happened that week. Love you all and thanks for the emails this week!

Elder O'Brien

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