Monday, May 12, 2014

May 12, 2014


Well it was great to call home on Mothers day! It was awesome to talk to my family! I love you guys so much! Thanks for all the support!!

Speaking of Mothers day though, I will never forget this day at church. So everyone remembers the last week of school right? Where everyone is just there because they have to be and just to get credit for going to class? Well picture that week, at church yesterday. Every class we walked into that day had a lesson planned, but because it was a holiday, they decided not to teach and just talk and play games all day. Haha! We were like what the heck is going on! It was kinda funny though! Especially in 2nd ward. We split up with the young men. Elder Fifita went with the teachers and deacons and I went with the Priests. Elder Fifita's class had a great lesson, while we had a great discussion about the NFL Draft and what team had the best pick. Haha! My well was for sure filled yesterday. Haha!

So this week was a little different that usual. We spent an extra 9 hours in our apartment this week trying to organize our Area book with all the members and the people we are seeing. It was an absolute mess. Our apartment still hasn't recovered from all the papers we got and all the stuff we threw away. It kinda looks a lot like my room back at home, but we won't go there. We still aren't done with it, we are going to take one more day and try to just get it done! It's already nice though because we got everything split up into groups so it's easier to plan around appointments that we have. 

This week we were able to talk to a former. We taught her a couple weeks ago with a member and we were able to teach her this week too. We brought her a Samoan Book of Mormon because she reads and understands better in Samoan. We taught about the Plan of Salvation and we really focused on the Spirit world because her husband passed not too long ago. She really loved what we were talking about and she agreed with it all too. We gave her the pamphlet to read and also a Chapter too. She tried to give us food, but we had dinner in an hour. We probably wouldn't of taken it anyway because our apartment is already too full of food. 

We were able to go see our ward mission leaders brother again on Monday. We taught the Plan of Salvation and it went really good. We only made it to our life on earth and we ran out of time. They seemed to follow the lesson really good and they had some interesting questions. Some went with the lesson and others were just crazy questions about the church that had nothing to do with what we were talking about. We were both kinda frustrated about the questions, but we were pretty happy that they like the lesson. Bro Uhatafe bore his testimony and also his wife too. They were both converts and the Spirit was really strong! All should go well tonight!

We also got into a interesting bash this week. We were talking to this guy who lives in our apartment complex at the park across from our apartment. We were sitting on the bench and we were talking about the Restoration. Once we got to talking about Joseph Smith and the first vision, he started arguing with us and trying to throw crazy doctrine stuff at us. But...I wouldn't know because that bench was really comfortable and we walked a lot on Saturday...So I may have dosed off for a could minutes. But once I woke up, I knew what was going on. He wants to learn more so we'll see how the next lesson goes.

Elder Fifita got his 'trunky call this week. Which means that the mission office called and asked for all his information and to ask which airport he will be flying into in August. He forgot about that call and he was upset when they called. Haha! This was another great week in Texas! It's starting to heat up here and it's really humid today! I love you guys! Thanks for your emails!

Elder O'Brien

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