Monday, November 25, 2013

November 25, 2013

"Chance of Snow in Texas??  Oh man..."

Hey Ya'll!!1
Happy early Thanksgiving! I cannot wait for Thursday! For those that know my love for food, it is truly one of my favorite holidays of the year! This week we had a lot of appointments cancel due to the crazy weather we have been having down here. But we still had some awesome lessons this week!
Keva Scott has let us down this week. We had an awesome lesson about Church, Prayer, and Reading. Our mission President calls it CPR. Me and Elder Hyde have really been focusing on this for most of our investigators. Keva has been reading and praying, but won't come to church. It's frustrating sometimes. We had an awesome lesson on Saturday and got a strong commitment for church. We literally killed every excuse that she could make up. Her kids can go to primary, we can have someone pick them up, she can wear normal clothes to church, etc. Church starts at 11, and at 10:38, she says she isn't going to come today. Holy cow we were pretty disappointed. All we can do now is just pray that she comes next week.
We were able to teach Ramon this week. This guy is awesome! He really enjoys us coming over, but he has too many questions and doesn't know how to stop talking. We were able to figure out that he doesn't know how to forgive people. So we are going to be focusing on that as well. We had an appointment scheduled for Thursday evening for Thanksgiving, but he just texted us like 2 minutes ago that he can't do it. So we will hopefully be seeing him this weekend.
It has been freezing cold this past weekend. On my odometer on my bike, it tells temperature and it got down to 34 degrees on Friday and Saturday! It seems colder down here because of the humidity  in the air. Tonight there is a chance of snow here as well. So this week we are going to be relying on the members to be driving us around. We have a member tonight and one tomorrow already signed up to drive us. It's too cold for biking so when we don't have members driving us, we will be walking around. Which is still good for us. Today for P. Day we are going to the Tank Museum on Ft. Hood. So we are pretty stoked for that! Yes there will be pictures for yall to see.
So for Thanksgiving we are going to be sharing a mormon message on giving thanks to members and some investigators. We figure that if we go tracting on that day that we won't have very much success. So we are hoping to get some referrals from the members as well. We have for sure 2 dinners already. One in the afternoon and in the evening, and hopefully more to come! I hope yall have a fantastic Thanksgiving! The work is moving forward here! Love you all! 
Elder O'Brien 

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