Tuesday, November 12, 2013

November 12, 2013

Hey there yall!!!

So I guess I'll start off by talking about my spider bite since that seems to be the talk of the day in the emails. The hole in my back is almost filled in. So the anitbiotics are working. I got 2 new ones on Monday night. The doctor said that once it fills in that it will look like I got shot. So I can say that I was knocking on a door in Texas and I went to walk away and got hit. Haha! What a story right? 

This week we got a lot of referrals given to us. The first referral was going to be our next baptism. It was a member referral and he is 27 years old. His name is Brandon. We went and just had a good sit down just to get to know him. We come to find out that he has been taught L1 and L2 by the member already. We were able to share a scripture for the night from the Book of Mormon and it really hit him hard. Infact he wanted to get baptized next weekend because he knew that it was the right thing for him to do. He has already been to church and loves it! That was on WednesdayOn Saturday morning, we find out that he is not our investigator because he is between 18-30 years old and he is single...so we had to give him to the Young Single Adult Sister missionaries...We were upset that we lost him.

Our next referral that we got was a guy named Jason. He is in his 30's and is from Jersey. He moved out here because of the army and in really interested in the Gospel. The Zone Leaders had already taught him part of the first lesson and I went on an  exchange with one of them, Elder Russell, to go meet him. We had a member come with us because he lives way far away and we didn't want to bike out there. He is a really cool guy and is excited about us coming over next week! Eventually, he could be baptized. 

Keva Scott hasn't really showed much progress lately. She keeps saying that she is going to come to church but she never shows up. This week her excuse was that she slept in. It's like she is interested, but not at the same time...Tonight we finally have another appointment with the Bonilla family if yall remember them. We are going to be talking about the Plan of Salvation with them and eating dinner as well. Food is always a good way to get missionaries over. Haha!

One last family I want to talk about is the Menard family. Jason, the husband, was excomunicated from the church and his wife, Danielle, isn't a member. We found them on the ward list one day and decided to drop by and see them. Turns out that they are really prepared to receive the gospel! They let us right in once we were there, gave some food and we were able to share a lesson with them. It's amazing how these kind of people get put into our path and we never would have known that would happen either! It was quite the miracle!

This week was fantastic! We have Zone Conference coming up on Friday. I can't wait for that! I will finally get to use my Cold Stone gift cards because there is a Cold Stone in Waco!! I hope ya'll have a fantastic week and thank you again for your letters! 

Love Elder O'Brien

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