Monday, September 9, 2013

September 9, 2013

"I Have Been Healed"

Hey Ya'll!!!
This had to me the most interesting week so far! A lot of crazy investigators that we had this week. In fact I don't even know where to start. So I will start like this. Our investigator Maddison is no longer and investigator, but a Less Active. We found her records in the church that she has already been baptized. Oops. So we now get to reactivate instead of Baptize which is just as important in my opinion. We were able to set another Baptism date. Her name is  Andrea. She is in her 30's and she loves reading the Book of Mormon. We set a date so hopefully this one will pull through.
So we have a investigator named Mr. Voldrez. Now he told us that he knew his purpose here in this live. He said that he was put here to heal people. Yes to heal people. Now being my curious self, I asked how he does this. I'm not going to lie, I had the intent to prove him wrong from the beginning. But this is what he did. He put his hands on my shoulder, said some weird prayer, and began to rub my shoulders and like continue down my arms and did like some waving motion around my body. It could be hard to picture, but I'm sure that however you do picture it, it was probably the way he did it. Now once he was done with this, he then asked me if I felt a vibration throughout my body. I said to him, No I didn't, am I supposed to? He said yes. Then he began saying and trying to cover himself, "Well it only works on people who have cancer. So you don't have cancer." Well that is good to know isn't it. So everyone, I don't have cancer. But we are still teaching this guy.
We did have a overall hard week though. We didn't pick up any new investigators because we have been teaching the members and trying to get referral's from them. We haven't gotten any yet, but we did get permission from the District Leader to have us be able to tract again. So we will be tracting later today.
The Deleon Family canceled on our appointment yesterday. Both the parents work so it is hard to find a day that we can stop by. They are still interested and are trying to find an open day. We stop by their house occasionally to see how they are doing too. We do have a baptism this weekend for sure. Adam and Ryan Batista are their names. They are getting baptized on Sunday. The reason why is because their uncle is baptizing them and that is the only day it works for his work schedule. So they will have to wait a week to get the Gift of the Holy Ghost. I am really excited and I will put pictures on the next email with them.
Speaking of pictures, you can attach them to the email and send them to me. I can also do the same. But I will be sending home pictures next week because next week is Transfer week. Like I said before, me and Vaoga are staying here in Killeen.
One last thing is that this week Neil L. Anderson is coming down this week to speak to our whole mission! We are so excited to listen to him. It is all the way up in Ft. Worth so it is going to be another long drive, but it will be totally worth it. My spiritual thought of the week is Alma 32:28. Faith is like a seed. We used this scripture in one of our lessons this week when we talked about Faith.
I always look forward to reading your emails this week! I'm sorry if I didn't answer every body's questions. But if you do have questions that you want answered, please write me a letter. I have all day to write letters, and only 1 hour to email. I love all of you and thank everyone for your support! I hope ya'll have a fa nominal week!
Love Elder O'Brien

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