Monday, September 23, 2013

September 23, 2013

"Roller Coaster Ride"
Hey yall!!!
Hope you all had a fantastic week!! And I hope that Sean got some birthday wishes. Thanks again for all your emails and I will talk to you next week!!
Ha just kidding!! This week was truely a rollar coaster ride. Everyday was completely different. We actually got a lot of rain too. We had one day where it rained all day. So we got our Ward Mission Leader to drive us around. So we got a lot of member present lessons this week. And that was our most successful day cause everyone was home. Andrea who had a baptism date that is now pushed back, is starting to progress again. We found out that she is 27 years old. So after we teach the 3rd lesson, we have to hand her off to the singles ward. Which sucks really bad. The reason why is if we have any investigators who are between 18-30, single, and no kids, we have to give them to the singles ward. :/ Oh well, as long as she gets baptized it works! We found a new progressing investigator named Keva. She lives with her dad and has 2 kids. She is looking for a church and she totally agrees with everything. We have a ride for her to church and she is so excited!! This was on Thursday by the way.
Wednesday and Friday were the longest days ever. We taught like 3 total lessons within those 2 days. The Campos family who I mentioned a long time ago might drop us. We visited them after a long day, hoping that we can teach them and help them understand the Book of Mormon better, and they didn't answer the door. We walked away and saw a light flip on in the bedroom, so we went back and rang the bell again and the light turned off. So that sucks. The Bonilla family are struggling to get to church but still want us to come over. It just takes a half hour to get to their house. So when we go, and their not home, there goes an hour, because we have already tracted those streets.
However good has happened on those days, I don't know if I told ya'll last week but Elder Vaoga is now the new District Leader. He was shocked but is already doing a good job. No this does not mean we get a car. But we would rather be on bikes anyway. We FINALLY got a 2 refferals this week! The members are starting to trust us more and we are really starting to get good friendships as well. This being a military town, we have members moving in and out all the time, but we are still able to connect with them.
I finally got in my first legit bike crash. I was magnifying my calling by saying Hi to this guy walking down the street, when out of no where, I hit a hole in the ground. Flying over the handle bars I hit the ground but popped back up. Meanwhile the guy I said hi to fell over laughing and so did my companion. Yes I started laughing too. It was dramatic but it was awesome at the same time.
My thought of the week for ya'll is 2 Nephi 33:2. this is a really good scripture, but im not going to type it cause that would totally defeat the purpose of looking it up. Haha!! Thanks again for all your support! I love and pray for ya'll! Have a fantastic week!!
Elder O'Brien

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