Monday, July 21, 2014

July 21, 2014


Hey Y'all!

The Year Mark! I never thought that it would come! But I was thinking how cool it would be to be able to go back to Killeen for my year mark. Apparently, President thought that would be a good idea too because we have Zone Conference this week down at the Killeen Stake Center! :) Haha! So I'm super excited to go back, even if it's just driving through some neighborhoods. But yeah, hump day!! Super excited about it! Can't wait to burn my shirt either!

Man this week was for sure had a lot better start than last week! Haha! I have to say though I'm pretty grateful for my area! We went on exchanges with our District Leader in Temple and I went down to their area. Wow, talk about ghetto! I was pretty happy that I was in the car for the whole exchange. Their area is down town too and it's pretty sketchy down there. Especially by one of their investigators. We were teaching him outside and we got some pretty interesting stares from cars driving by. Yeah I think everyone could tell that the 2 white mormon boys were not from Temple. Haha!

This week we had a lot of success finding people to teach. We found a family that may take some time to teach, but they seem really awesome! We found them in our book of potential investigators and crazy enough we had tried them the first day we were here. But they invited us in when we knocked. The husband was offended at the church that they go to now and he doesn't want to go back to the church. The lesson was kinda all over the place because they were asking questions that were all over the place. But they want us to come back and are interested in our message! We were also able to find a black lady who was kinda hesitant at first when we came up and started talking with her. We shared a quick 5 minutes version of the Restoration and it went really well! She seemed really interested when we were talking about Christ and his ministry. She didn't know that Christ had set up a church and we invited her to pray and ask if she did. She told us to come back next Wednesday and we are really excited to start teaching her! 

This week we should be pretty busy too. We have a lot of people that we wrote down during planning that we need to go see and contact. We are going to start having the ward missionaries come out with us during the week and we are pretty excited to start using them. They are pumped up to do the work and so are we. This week the Bishop is treating us for dinner on Thursday so he said he will make the best he can make. So that should for sure be a meal to remember! Haha! But as for everyone up north, hope y'all will have a fantastic 24th of July! I wish they celebrated it down here too, but it is what it is. Love you guys and thanks for the emails!

Elder O'Brien

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