Monday, June 23, 2014

June 23, 2014

"Exchange with President"

Holy cow we had a fantastic week! So on Tuesday, we got to go on exchanges with the Zone Leaders and I got to go with Elder Mitchell. Now Elder Mitchell's background is this. He's 19 years old, graduated from Davis High in 2013. He left on his mission on July 24th to come to the Texas Fort Worth Mission. Now this sounds kinda familiar right? Haha I guess the real question is, did we know each other? Heck yeah we did! Haha! It's Kade Mitchell by the way Leah! Haha! How funny is that?! So we had a really good time catching up and seeing how each others missions have been. And we actually had a really good day that day too. We taught one of our investigators who is the Hawaiian Samoan girl. She is just so awesome! She will be baptized this year, whether by us or other missionaries. She said that she still wants to get baptized on her birthday, which is really awesome. However, more on her story in a minute. But we also had 2 of the youth come out with us again on that same day too. Elder Mitchell was pretty impressed on how our youth call us to see when they can come out with us. In their ward, they just beg the members to come with them. We were also able to come in contact with a member who got baptized last year. She still has a great testimony of the church, we just don't see her as often as we would like to on Sundays. So we are going to start teaching her the lessons again because she does have some questions. So we are excited. That was our day for that exchange.

Now for the big exchange. Haha! On Wednesday we had interviews with President Ames. Mine was pretty awesome. I love talking to him. He knows what's up and what we need to hear and talk about. I couldn't ask for a better President! Interviews for both of our Districts were supposed to end at 2 o'clock. But since we are on MST (Mormon Standard Time), we didn't end until 3:30. Classic right? Which really hurt us. Because we had an appointment at 3 o'clock that we set up specifically so the President could help us teach, and we couldn't make it or push it back an hour. So we were pretty disappointed with that. But President is awesome! :) He is so chill too.  And he knows what to say. We had the impression to go see the Hawaiian Samoan lady, we stopped by yesterday and when we get there, she had bruises and scratches on her face. We asked what happened and she kinda just shrugged it off. But we started asking questions to see where she was at on learning and understanding the Gospel. Well we figured out that she didn't know that God was an actual person so we talked about that and President basically taught by asking questions and she figured it out all by herself. It was really awesome! I'm never seen someone teach a whole concept by just asking questions. I totally want to be able to do that! But after that lesson, President Ames used his lawyer skills basically figured out that she had either gotten hurt by her boyfriend or it was an alcohol accident. And he gave her some advice. It was really cool. After that lesson, he had to drop us off and head home for dinner, but he gave us some advice on how we can improve our teaching and our unity. It was much needed advice too. We didn't get to teach more lessons, and we didn't even get a picture. We thought of it was too late. But it was fantastic just being around President!
So big news this week also! We got 2 baptism dates!! Yup remember that house that I was talking about last week that we finally got in to? Heck yeah we set a date with 2 of the kids in the house! We taught the Restoration and it went fantastic! We really could feel the Spirit and I know that they did too! We are really excited to start working with them. One of them was really shaky when we asked them to be baptized and the other one was pretty solid. So we are excited to start working with them and helping them come to church and work towards baptism.
This week we have a lot of follow up appointments with some people that we haven't seen in awhile. We are really excited to have another fantastic week! I love you guys so much and have a fantastic week!

Elder O'Brien

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