Monday, February 10, 2014

February 10, 2014

"Snow, Ice, Sunny, the Rainy. What a Week"


The weather this week was crazy! It was for sure one of the craziest weeks ever. I was finally able to witness snow in Texas for the first time! I had no idea that it was even possible for it to snow here. But mother nature was able to prove me wrong. It was on Thursday, so we had our planning day. Which means we got to stay in our appartment until 2. And we watched it snow from 10 o'clock to 2 o'clock, dreading the time where we would have to go out into the frozen tundra. But then, we were saved by a NFL football player. His name is JJ Unga. He plays for the Offensive Line for the Bills. He is freaking huge and awesome! He has some of the coolest dreads I've seen. He took us out to eat and then we got another ride from some of the members for the rest of the afternoon.

So we were able to get both ward directory's this week.We decided to do the same thing we did down in Killeen and find names that we didn't know and go find them and bring them back to church. So this week we wrote down about 20 names to go see. Out of those names, only 5 of them still lived at that address. So obviously it's time to update the ward roster. That was in 2nd ward, so this week we are going to try that again in 3rd ward and see if we can have some luck here.

So we were able to have a really good lesson with our one solid investigator. Her name is Fini. Her sister is a member and she was just interested in what we believe. We have taught her the Restoration twice and both times it went really well. So on Sunday we were able to teach her the 3rd hour of church. We do that because it's all in Tongan, and we can't understand what's being said. So it's like, why sit in there when we can teach a lesson instead right? So we start teaching and then we got onto the subject of our purpose here on the Earth and we talked about baptism. She said that she would be baptized if she knew it was true, and she said that she hasn't disagreed with anything that we have talked about yet. She said that she loved learning about the plan and she likes reading the scriptures. We are going to try to set a baptism date for March on Saturday at our next appointment. So pray for us. Haha!

So every Monday we play basketball with the Tongans at the church. They are big, really competitive and love to have fun. So pretty much my kind of people. But what makes it awesome is that they bring a big boom box and play island music the whole time. It freaking rocks! They are such a relaxed people and know how to play basketball too. We are probably going to get to go to the temple here in a couple weeks with a kid who is going on his mission. He wants us to be there with him. So we are really excited to go. This week we are planning on going to go see a lot of less actives again and try to find through them. We have prayed about it and are going to do our best! Thanks for the emails everyone! Have a blessed week!

Elder O'Brien

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