Monday, December 30, 2013

December 30, 2013

"Talk to Y'all next year!"

Hey y'all!!
This week being Christmas was an awesome week for us! We had a struggle because being a military town, a lot of people went of leave and left Texas for vacation. So at church, we had the skeleton crew there. Haha! But we were able to have some great lessons with people. With Jason, we were able to teach the Word of Wisdom on Saturday. We were kinda worried because he likes to drink green tea. So we were worried how he was going to react to that. But the lesson went really awesome! We talked about where in the scriptures it talks about the word of wisdom. And he said that he would commit to live it! It was an awesome lesson! On Sunday, this is the best part, in Sunday school we were talking about how this next year we should commit to becoming closer to Christ. Jason loves to participate and told everyone in the class that once he is baptized, he wants to get fully involved with callings and everything! It was so cool! We are so excited for him!
We are also teaching this partmember family. His name is Stevan. He read the Book of Mormon in a week and is praying to know whether it is the work of God or not. We were really impressed that he did that. Haha! He broke his spine 10 years ago in the military and wakes up to a lot of pain sometimes. He was planning on coming to church this week, but woke up in too much pain to come. But he is really interested and keeps all the commitments we give him. However, his wife was baptized 5 years ago and was offended at church. So she didn't really want to come back, but we got her to pray about it. So that would be awesome to get her back to church! This guy though is pretty weird. He is the guy who has the degree in Theology. And he refers to people as humans, which is correct. Just the way he talks and stuff, he is trying to sound like he is better and knows more than we do. So it's kinda annoying when we try to have lessons with him.
Toni and Rona Vega are doing pretty good. We had a good lesson with them about the importance of church and why we need to go to church. They understood everything and commited to come to church. But they didn't come. Shocker right? They decided to go to San Antonio instead. They are kinda confusing us because it's like they are so excited about everything we teach, but then they don't come to church. So I don't even know. Haha.
So we have also been working with a less active family, The Davis's. Brother Davis served a mission in Germany and got married to his wife who got baptized a couple years before they were married. After that they moved down to Killeen and just stopped going to church. This week Sis. Davis was sick but Bro Davis decided to come to church! It was really cool to see him there! We are also going to be working with the Lacombe family again here this week.They went to California for the Holidays and are going to be back this week. It should be an epic week for us!
Christmas was an awesome day for me! I loved being able to talk to my family! It really made my day great! They next day we threw out our dead Christmas tree, which was almost as sad as throwing out our couch... I was happy to see some Christmas cards from the family! I was happy with what I got for Christmas as well! We are still working on the candy that was given to us! I hope y'all have a great New Years day! While the ball is being dropped, just remember that I will be asleep. Haha! I love y'all and thanks again for the emails!
Elder O'Brien

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