Friday, July 26, 2013

July 26, 2013

Tylers first letter home!!!  finally ;).....

Hey Family!!!!

I hope everything is going well so far! It has been a couple crazy days so far! I sent you guys a letter about my first day so hopefully you got that. It has been so cool ever since I got here. I have 2 teachers and are really great! Brother Holt and Sister............ill figure out her name. But my second day here was even better than the first day. We started off the day by going to a class about our purpose of being here. We learned more about people and about how eveyone has different problems in their life. After that we went back to our classrooms and had study time. Once study time was over we had a 50 minutes of gym time. So I took the time to get huge and muscular in the gym! And yes I did get muscular, but I am incredibly sore today. After the gym we went had got lunch. Which by the way, the food here had given me bad gas problems. I dont know if that is good or bad yet. But we have eaten very good here. After my wonderul gassy lunch, we had our first class time. We started to learn about different ways to teach and how we need to be good at all those things. Some of which were Teach With the Holy Ghost, Make Commitments, Get to know them, etc. Then we were told that tomorrow, or I guess today, we get to teach a "investigator." Which is just a actor. But we were told some of the things about Pete, which is the guy we are teaching, and we had to prepare a lesson for him too. We are teaching about families, service and prayer. Once we were told about our stuff, we went and planned our lesson for about 45 minutes. It took awhile because we had someone helping us, and it was our first time. Once that was over, we had another class about the Doctorine of Christ. We learned that it is very simple, and easy to follow. We then proceeded to have dinner. After dinner we had a meeting with our Branch Presidency. They are awesome people. They told us about themselves, went over the rules again about the MTC and missions. They also interviewed all of us just to get to know each other. The then called Zone leaders for next week and District leaders for the remainder of the MTC. I GOT TO BE A DISTRICT LEADER!!!!! I was surprised and happy!  So hopefully I will be able to do my best and help others. Today is Friday and it is my P. day. I do have classes still today, they are just in the afternoon though.
I hope you guys are doing great at home! I love you all! Thanks for the care package! I'm excited to see what is wrapped in all of them. Thanks for everything! I will hopefully have more to tell next week!
Elder O'Brien

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